Tuesday, Dec 6th
Session 1 - Welcome and Orientation
, 11am

Thursday, Dec. 8

Jett Fein (e.ventures) mentor office hours 9-10am

Session 2 - Enterprise Pricing, 6pm
Brad Kam, CEO at Talkable

Monday, Dec 12, 6pm
Session 3, - Sales Funnel and Scaling and Automating Sales/Deal Pipelines and Cycles

Audrey Melnik, founder at Funnel Ventures,

Tuesday, December 13th

Mentor Office Hours
Hana Frimerman (Regional Sales Manager at Imperva) 4pm and 4:30pm
Danny Zion (Tech Lead/Architect at Spongecell) 4:30pm and 5pm

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Session 4 - Building and scaling U.S sales teams
Steven Broudy, Head of Account Development, Americas, MuleSoft Dec. 14, 9am
Jett Fein (e.ventures) mentor office hours 2-3pm (rescheduled for early January)

Session 5 - Scaling Israeli Startups in the U.S
Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder at WalkMe, Dec.14, 4pm

Thursday, Dec. 15

Session 6 - Enterprise Marketing
Dan Kaplan, founder at Threadling, Dec.15, 10:30am

Mentor office hours with Hai Habot (Plug Number) 1-3pm (30 minutes per startup)

Danny Zion (Tech Lead/Architect at Spongecell) 5pm and 5:30pm

Session 7- Enterprise Contracts and SLAs
Ron Warshavsky, Founder and CEO, Enteros, Dec.15. 6pm

Friday Dec.16

Entrepreneur Roundtable Friday `12pm

Session 8- Learning how  to scale Israeli Startups and sell to American customers. 
David A. Cohen, VP Strategic Sales at  IronSource, Dec. 16, 2pm.

Monday, December 19th
Mentor office hours with Doron Segal 4pm

Tuesday, December, 20th

Session 9 - Scaling B2B Enterprises
Houman Fardin, Strategic Partnerships at WealthFront
Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2pm

Session 10 - Scrum
Vlad Givertz, Hear of Engineering, Clara Lending
Tuesday, Dec.20, 4pm

Wednesday, December, 21st

Entrepreneur Roundtable, Wednesday, Dec.21, 3pm. 

Hana Frimerman (Regional Sales Manager at Imperva) 4pm

Session 11- Design for Enterprise
Daniel Schwartz, Lead User Experience Designer, 6sense
Wednesday, Dec. 21, 5:45pm

Thursday, Jan 5th

Jett Fein, E.Ventures- Meeting with Vicomi and Vicarius
Thursday, Jan 5th, 9:30-10:30am.  

Hana Frim, Regional Sales Imperva 
1 on 1 with all companies 4-5:30pm

Friday, Jan 6

Garrett Godlberg, Bee Partners
Meeting with MarketSquare and IAGO, 8:30-9:30am

Monday, Jan 9
Session 12: Sales Training with Mark Allen 

12-1: Lunch "get to know you"
1-1:30: Peak Performance Sales Introduction
1:30:2:30: Key Concepts
2:30-2:45: Break
2:45-4:00: Key Concepts
4:00-4:15: Break
4:15-5:30: Green Sheet Exercises & Role Play

Tuesday, Jan 10

Session 13: Intel
Assaf Mevorach, Director of Engineering at Intel Corporation, 1pm

Session 14: Area 120
Ofer Ronen, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, now working at Chatbase at Area 120, Google's corporate incubator. 6pm

Wednesday, Jan 11

Session 15: Microsoft

Esha Sahai, Corporate Strategy & Development at Microsoft
1-1 meetings 15-20 minutes each company. 1pm

Thursday, Jan 12
Session 16: Visit to Blazemeter in Palo Alto
Alon Girmonsky sold Blazemeter to CA Technologies for $100m
Alon will welcome our startups at his office. 5pm

Friday, Jan 13
Mentor office hours with Lior Libman, Founder One Hour Translation

10-12pm 30 minutes each

Tuesday, Jan 17

Mentor session with Asif Giga, Singtel Innov8, 2-4pm

Mentor session with Hana Frimerman, Regional Sales, Imperva

Wednesday, Jan 18
Mentor session with Shlomi Singer, Account Manager, Oracle Service Cloud.

Friday, Jan 20
OH at Storm Ventures 11-12pm

Wednesday, Feb 8

Mentor session with Rick Perry. 9-11am

Friday, Feb 10
Guest session with Mark Goldstein, founder of Bad Ass Advisors, 1pm

Wednesday, Feb 15
Guest session with Fenwick and West, 10:30am

Monday, Feb 27
OH with Tandem Capital 11:00am

Monday Feb 27
Term Sheets session with Lior Zorea, 3:30pm

Wednesday, March 1
6:30-9:30 Mentor Party


Tuesday, March 14
 3-4:30 30 minute meeting with Lou Kerner
110 5th Ave. (at 16th), 5th floor

Order: Iago, Marketsquare, Vicomi

Thursday, March 16
1:30-3pm 30 minute meeting with Aaron Dubin of Innovation Endeavors
Marker's Offices, 10 E. 53rd (53rd and Madison), New York, 14th Floor

Order: Iago, Marketsquare, Vicomi

Thursday, March 16
3:30-4:30 20 minute meeting with Lee Linden

Sosa NYC at  50 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
Order: Iago, Marketsquare, Vicomi

Friday, March 17
1-2pm 30 minute meeting with Brian Aoaeh from KEC Ventures
Sosa NYC at  50 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
Order: Iago, Marketsquare (2 companies this time)

Wednesday, March 22
10-11am Meeting with Azi Cohen, NY Angels

2 meetings ( Vicomi and Iago) , 1 Skype ( MarketSquare)

Thursday March 23
3-4pm 30 minute meeting with Lou Kerner
The Israel Syndicate,  110 5th Ave. (at 16th), 5th floor
2 meetings, 1 Skype. Order will be determined by Lou. I set up intros/invitations over email.